1. Thomisk

    Can I renew my vip ?

    I don't quite know,who is renewing vip and I know that Jim has some troubles with the hurricane and some disasters,so,will I get my vip eventually after buying the cheat now ? Thanks :P
  2. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats Setup / Development Delays

    Hey everyone, As many of you know I live in Miami. We are currently bracing for possible impact of Hurricane Irma, I will do my best to remain connected here to process things as much as I can. If / When I am knocked offline @ToX will be filling in for setups and other things (albeit at a slower...
  3. 1

    PUBG cheat

    What you think LC make one, its tha game more played. I would be interested in buying.
  4. VAULT1909

    CEVO support :|

    Wasnt sure where to post this, but im honestly not too sure atm. So, on AC status, it says CEVO and gfinity are "under maintenance", does that mean they're completely unsupported, or not completely supported? Cause I messaged jimster, and he said this: [/IMG] [/spoiler] So, if i buy LC league...