1. Get_Right

    about low/high sensitivity

    hi guys i used to play with 400 dpi 1.2 ingame with my new mouse (very good sensor) and 3.0 is kinda hard to me but lc recommend use 3.0. can i use lc with 1.2 sensi 1.05 accel?? why 3.0 is recommendable if 80%+ pro players use low sensi?
  2. Thomisk

    Wasn't been here for a quite a time, I have a question.

    Hi. After the ut ban wave,I wasn't been here for quite a time. Is the cheat ud again how it was before ? Or are you guys working on cheat security updates ? Thanks for any answer. Need to rebuy again,hehe :P
  3. B

    Question about ESP/WH League

    Does it support EAC? I can only find the anti-cheat list for LC 3.0, but what is the status for this cheat.
  4. Jazzy18

    Some questions before purchase

    Hello! Im about to ask you few questions before I make purchase for this cheats. 1. When was last detection on LC? 2. Which type of cheats should I buy if I want to go "higher" to level 10 on faceIT and even higher? 3. How is support working on this site? 4. When you will make new faceIT...