1. Jimster480

    EAC Aimbot Triggerbot Hack Cheat Support

    I figured it's time to shine some light on the EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat). How it works and how LeagueCheats bypasses this anti-cheat. EAC is an acronym for Easy Anti Cheat, This AC was released in the early 2000's Originally and AC used for Counter-Strike 1.6 which was later adapted to support...
  2. djmazi

    Do you ever play worse with cheats?

    Hi everybody Do you ever feel that you sometimes play worse than you would without cheats? It could be in scenarios where you e.g. is afraid of getting commented on or reported. I haven't tried League Cheats yet only other cheats, but I have in some scenarios felt that i played worse than i...
  3. Aqqure

    Virus1x Config Testing

    so i bought advanced setup and played some games and decided to make video with them :) PIxel esp toggle used for fast info/clutch situations All games were played with Full premade friends :9 Aimbot on awp sometimes bugged and inhuman flicked to a person it wasnt supposed to flick to but...
  4. Golden Box

    Planning to transfer here.

    After trying Iwebz, a*mw*re, and Unity, I'm planning to transfer here because all of them are detected now. I'm just wondering when is the last detection of this hack (LC)? Multihack on CS:GO is not detected on FaceIT? Any proof from customers if you would not mind. See you soon guys. Kappa
  5. G


    Any chance you are/will be working on creating some Overwatch Hacks?
  6. anotherlegend

    how 2 get Overwatch banned for urs skills

  7. E

    Overwatch Aimbot

    Is there ever going to a Overwatch Aimbot released? Or would I have to have a private one made?
  8. Adrian

    [PL] Zaawansowany wspomagacz

    Witam wszystkich - zarówno niezdecydowanych jak i zdecydowanych. Gram na tym hacku około dwóch dobrych lat, myślę że mogę Wam nieco rozjaśnić jeśli chodzi o niezawodność tego programu. Otóż - warto zaznaczyć, że jeśli gracz spędzi wiele czasu na stworzeniu configu pod siebie - jest nie do...
  9. Admin

    LeagueCheats - LCMC

    Hello everyone, It is with great pleasure that we today announce our largest and best hack, LCMC *. LCMC will be the biggest release of a Minecraft hack to date, it bypasses ALL Minecraft Anti Cheats (NC+, AC) and is Forge compatible out of the box. We coded our very own H3CKMC engine in house...
  10. Alcatras


    Hallo leute ich hab einfach mal ne frage, da man an Privat Hacks nicht ran kommt habe ich diese Seite hier gefunden und muss sagen sie spricht einen sehr an. Meine frage ist sollte ich damit auf meinen main faceit etc spielen ? ihr bittet an das er undetected ist naklar weiß ich das es nicht...
  11. Jimster480

    Happy New Years!

    Hey all, On Behalf of myself and the staff here @ LeagueCheats we wish you a heartfelt, happy and prosperous New Year! 2016 Will be a year of many exciting things, not only here @ LeagueCheats but from many different places! Here are some of the things we can expect in 2016 from LeagueCheats...
  12. Mar1k

    LeagueCheats.Сom - CS:GO Cheats | Hacks | Frag Movie #3

    LeagueCheats.Сom - CS:GO Cheats | Hacks | Frag Movie #3
  13. C


    Hi guys ! I would just like to start by saying I have been using this website for CS hacks for a long time now about 5 moths and to be honest I cannot really say anything bad about it. Everything is top notch whether is the hacks itself or even the support from the staff. So anyway lets go...