1. Hi<3

    Pro Optic India player caught cheating LOL

    This is funny minute: 7:19 7:28 Here is cheat folder 7:42
  2. Kin

    Oh Stewie

    What do you think about stewie overall? I haven’t paid attention to haters, but had the chance to see some clips about him.
  3. panzer


    I'm working on some new arts and this came up :p will do more adjusts @ToX some more mods to come on this day, and @Jimster480 meme wall tooo :p lol, i find it fun. at least they got too nice memes :p JIMS 4K tox on 4K H4X0R L33T CREW (this is very dangerous wall, it broken my windows...
  4. T

    CS:GO Non-Prime MM Funny

  5. K

    FaceIT AntiCheat - One Way Ticket

  6. element19

    halo gays fiste rewev on legea cheet

    welp!!i am steel silver 1 p2000 aftar 2 moths welpo plz i bough 2 accout volvo investigator quickscope my acc so i had to rebuy csgo but i was sale i so im grreeedy and bough other acc i use fov 60 on faceit league ahahah then my friend GETIng boosted and i no nob cheet omg refund nat worth tha...
  7. Run2Die

    pceing some PerfectVAC Blatant shitties

    tell me what you think its kinda a meme montage but still funny i play 4:3 and im to lazy to edit the black bars out suck my left nut
  8. R

    They Talk about hes one taps...

  9. H

    It's been 24 hours

    it's been more than 24 hours, but not yet activated