1. Edwin

    2k Players Banned on Faceit yesterday

    https://www.faceit/en/stats ^ Look at that spike lmfao. Two of my friends who had a private (aimbot only) from a coder he found on some random private discord, got banned and is pretty pissed :troll: They were bragging about how they have a Faceit Bypass for much cheaper than Jimster’s...
  2. N

    First two weeks.

    Even if it's only two weeks, I feel I can give my first impressions. As a player who never cheated, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but I wanted to try, just for curiosity. I purchased, and the first day wasn't easy. I had a problem with the aimbot not working properly, so I contacted...
  3. navysonar

    Find out how many time you got OW

    Hey guys, I found a website that let you know how many time you got suspected in OW I myself got suspected twice :D let me know how many time you got suspected.
  4. S

    My first day with cheats

    Hi all, How I got here: A bit about myself- I'm playing cs from 2002 (1.5)- tried to go pro in almost every way. In 1.6 I was semi pro in my country. About 11 years I was naive, until I saw that there is a wave of pro players getting banned for cheating. This way I understood- there is no way...
  5. X

    Legit 52 kills MM

    Nobody said that I used cheats :p
  6. C

    Need help after getting a ban.

    Hello! I recently got hit with a ban on faceit. The reason is "You have been suspended from the platform for cheating, as you were detected by our anti-cheat." Dont know how I got detected by the anti-cheat, since I never used LC while having the anticheat. (I played without cheat once I needed...