1. gecko1337

    Until when its possible to get banned backdated

    Hey guys, i wanted to ask you that question because you guys have more experience then me. Until when its possible to get banned backdated ? So like before i used LC i used some other providers that are going one bye one detected and so i am affraid of losing my "main" account. But the time...
  2. R

    1 question before i buy LC

    can i get banned if i using other cheats and i using LC ex: im using unityhacks before and i change now to LC can i got banned for that? THANKS!
  3. LC1337

    Used inte*w*bz on my computer.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there is any risk for me or any possibilities to see my account getting VAC ? Three days ago I bought iWebz to cheat on a different account. I restarted my computer everytime I go back to my main account and inject with LC. So I hope my acc is safe .. :)