1. M


    Добрый вечер, я хотел спросить, если этот хак работает на faceit, я играю на faceit из браузера с AC
  2. daniels44

    [Off-Topic] Forced to use Faceit AC 0 games?

    I have created a fresh acc on fct, never happened before, but 0 games played on fct, acc created 2min ago and its asking for use of anti cheat? 0 reports. Did faceit force everyone to use ac now or?
  3. sebus1315

    Server craser on faceit non premium

    Just like in the title. Someone just crashed server in the non-premium game ..... We are all doomed NotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNothing can save us ......
  4. tomato

    How to get AC Force in 1 Game

    I think i got auto ac force, couldnt even queue next game without anymore Guess I dropped a few memes too many. Looking forward to 3.0 I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. C

    2 weeks...

    after 2 weeks in faceit with LC, my 1st prize
  6. P

    Faceit serverside

    Hello again! Sorry for posting a second Thread today but there is something in my mind making me very confused , i dont have that good experince with faceit anticheat or server side , but i know that cheating on faceit using faceit client needs the LC 3.0 and i got no problem with that.. so the...
  7. H

    When are you forced to use the FACEIT Client?

    I want to buy your cheat and use it on web FaceIt but I want to know when i can get forced to use their AC?
  8. browzim

    I'm new in this forum!

    Hello guys, this cheat support faceit and gamersclub ? I'm new in this forum. Sorry