1. M


    Добрый вечер, я хотел спросить, если этот хак работает на faceit, я играю на faceit из браузера с AC
  2. daniels44

    [Off-Topic] Forced to use Faceit AC 0 games?

    I have created a fresh acc on fct, never happened before, but 0 games played on fct, acc created 2min ago and its asking for use of anti cheat? 0 reports. Did faceit force everyone to use ac now or?
  3. sebus1315

    Server craser on faceit non premium

    Just like in the title. Someone just crashed server in the non-premium game ..... We are all doomed NotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNotLikeThisNothing can save us ......
  4. tomato

    How to get AC Force in 1 Game

    I think i got auto ac force, couldnt even queue next game without anymore Guess I dropped a few memes too many. Looking forward to 3.0 I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. VAULT1909

    Q about faceit.

    If i were to open the faceit client whilst playing does it prevent me from being forced to use the AC if I get reported too many times? Also, does anyone know how to bypass being forced to use AC if it does happen?
  6. Michelle

    Faceit point farming

    If this post is allowed is anybody wanting to farm faceit point for skins from faceit let me know if so.
  7. C

    2 weeks...

    after 2 weeks in faceit with LC, my 1st prize
  8. P

    Faceit serverside

    Hello again! Sorry for posting a second Thread today but there is something in my mind making me very confused , i dont have that good experince with faceit anticheat or server side , but i know that cheating on faceit using faceit client needs the LC 3.0 and i got no problem with that.. so the...
  9. H

    When are you forced to use the FACEIT Client?

    I want to buy your cheat and use it on web FaceIt but I want to know when i can get forced to use their AC?
  10. browzim

    I'm new in this forum!

    Hello guys, this cheat support faceit and gamersclub ? I'm new in this forum. Sorry