1. Reflex

    Simple lock ?

    For me this clip is very suspicious. And you what do you think about this clip ? https://clips.twitch.tv/TacitFitIcecreamTwitchRPG
  2. VAULT1909

    Suggestion / multiple flick keys

    I think that multiple flick keys is a feature LC is missing, i used to use another un-named p2c which allowed keybinds, basically flick keys but you could have multiple bone, FOV and smoothing settings for each weapon category. why is this not a feature yet? it's actually way more useful than i...
  3. fmr

    Insane Flick

    That triggerbot flick like by draken :o
  4. albanerendk

    flick of da wrist

    as usual, recorded in real-time with geforce experience. no, i dont use flick key, i will get too tempted! :P
  5. Aaron

    Some flicks

    Off the bat: I don't know WHY they look so locky. I have 3.50 smooth and 2 super, which is more than enough as I actually tested with POV demos in 128 and 64tick. So, fuck CSGO Demos:
  6. B

    Aimkey Issues

    need help on why aimbot is not working, and when i press my aim key (which is "V") it doesnt flick to the enemy Here is Config wall=0 wall2=0 dlight=0 decay=1 autointensity=0 intensity=9 radius=150 dteam=0 crosshair=0 esp=1 box=1 boxsize=55 boxmulti=2 visesp=0 dis=1 hp=1 name=1 xesp=1 seq=1...
  7. B


    want to set flickbutton to "V: how does one do it