1. A

    Break some day on subscribtion ?

    Hey boys , whats up ! Can we break subscribtion some day ? For example , if i buy it now , use it for 15 day , make 15 day break ( vacation ) and finish my 15 day after this ? or its just for example 26-03 to 26-04 and cant break , thanks :)
  2. Get_Right

    about sensitivity

    hii... why u guys say high sensitivity is better for lc cheat? cuz i like more low sensi .. is there any problem?
  3. AMK-


    hello, how its possible, that all pro players played on ESEA, cevo, esl, etc. anticheats without any problem and then they got caught by vac? Its not logical :O thanks- resubscription on the end of the month :-)
  4. Marco Jacobs

    My testimonial of LC

    Sup! The last few weeks i've been using LC in all of my games. Haven't been playing CS:GO for a while now and wanted to get back in. I must say i've always cheated in cs, since the 1.6 era (the good old days). Let me break down each function one by one and give my opinion about it. Building...