1. thegame


    Dont you guys think that Valve has engineers smarter than @Jimster480 or even any coder? If Valve would want to take actions against Cheats coders and I mean public Cheats they would have banned almost all csgo community I know nobody that doesnt cheat. @Jimster480 is the best coder I know of...
  2. Sarac007

    Very nice

    3 acc banned and after vac bans cheat is not safe 15 days,no one cares you pay for 1 months and use only 15 days.I understood everything.
  3. Sarac007

    Faceit AC WTF after 10 days

    I try everything,test everything and finally I found a way and hack on faceit with AC and after 10 days still not banned :) Hahhahahahah full public cheat work on faceit AC and ez for now after 10 days. It's a little complicated need mouse softwer like razer synapse and find good setings for...
  4. K

    Why you should buy LC´s Aimbot

    FIRST OF ALL TAHNK YOU JIMSTER and TOX Then the Other Staffs and Members :D Merry X-Mas. So lets get to the Review Getting Started ( Installing, Wrting Fov and Stuff) 3/10 Its so Huge and so Complicated in the Beginning you will drown in Informations. and the LC Wiki is like not up to...
  5. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats Setup / Development Delays

    Hey everyone, As many of you know I live in Miami. We are currently bracing for possible impact of Hurricane Irma, I will do my best to remain connected here to process things as much as I can. If / When I am knocked offline @ToX will be filling in for setups and other things (albeit at a slower...
  6. l4mmerpro

    please help !

    hey man i just paid 25 usd for esp/wh league hack can u send it please ? i can send the transcation number and so on .. if u want to am waiting man
  7. spy0x

    Any thougts about this video about aimbots ?

    PS: also there are screenshots of our forum posts, I need your opinions guys, @ToX , @Jimster480 , LC staff, etc.
  8. L

    Just Bough

    I just bought the 3 month plan and whenever anyone posts this message they seem to get replied with a thread but that thread doesnt tell me how im meant to actually download the hack or anything?