1. baronkp

    Wish me goodluck

    Hello Boys! If anyone else qualified/ plan to go to CBE event, with the prizepool of 200.000DKK, i Wish you best of luck. Luckily my team and I, qualified the main event and will be playing in the "Pro tournament" to compete for 150.000DKK pool. Please wish me the best of luck...
  2. J


    I am aware this cheat has a silent loader, however is this possible to use on LAN because of the HWID? Thank you.
  3. P

    Need help sending keystrokes to game window!

    Alright so I was just messing around in Visual studio trying to make an "application" <-- if you want to call it that lol...  that sends keys to CS:GO but I can't get it to work... I have tried SendKeys / My.computer.keyboard.sendKeys and Keybd_event and Yes I do get it to work as in on other...