1. mrboss

    New member,want to buy,esl

    Hi there guys. I am intrested on playing on Esportal and Faceit(client). my questions are : 1)what version ( i am a new member) should i buy of league cheats to play on esportal or face it? 2)your aimbot is legit?humanized? 3)i use only chams,you got em ? :) 4)what type of payments you...
  2. KKUkUr2017

    Middleman to sell acc?

    Hi everyone , first of all i wanna ask this 1) i wanna sell 2 accounts both are very high rated one with faceit level10 and one with esea A+ (soon) but because i am not vip can i use a middleman to open a thread for me ? 2) If step 1 is yes how i contact a middleman and what is his commision...
  3. Dowiie

    2 weeks with LC

    Been using LC for 2 weeks now and so far i like it I've been playing cs since 2004, But i started to cheat in csgo. So before that i was total legit so i have the moments and such. Been jumping to a lot of cheat providers sense the release of 2012. Such as Organner, zed, xstrike, Lstrike and a...
  4. S

    How can i activate VIP?

    Guys,help me please,i bought cheat on cs go league,and my status on site still no VIP second day,what should i do?
  5. K

    Not activated it's been nearly 13 hours.

    Hello can someone please activate me. Been waiting forever.