1. Singularity

    Almost 30 Days LC

    Hello Everyone, so i just get the Simple Version of LC since i only want "WH" for Pracc. so first of all i wanna say "thank you" to "LC" to provide a "Safe" Cheat as far as it is. 1. - I used the Cheat on 2 of my Smurfs, both are Global with Steam Guard , i did couple of things, so...
  2. ColdSunl1ght

    Quick Q's before I repurchase

    Can you use raw input on 1 now for the aimbot? And is there any features that indicate if an enemy passes your crosshair? I want to have some external assistance of enemies locations on LAN. I gather you can set a key to activate a pixel esp and upon release of that key it turns off?
  3. B

    Some questions before purchase

    1) How is the injection process? Does it require you to close steam each reinjection, or is it permanantly in the background until you close it manually or restart computer 2) What exactly is monster trigger? is this like triggerbot psilent? 3) Do you have a triggeraim feature for awps 4) I hear...
  4. K

    Quick Questions

    1. I've heard rumors about when you alt-tab you will receive a crash. Is this true, and when will it be fixed? 2. Will you guys think of implementing Perfect Smoke + Flash Check? (Working half blind, one way smokes.. etc) I did not see this on the feature list. 3. VisibleCheck - Visible...
  5. Twilight Wolf

    Radar Hack

    This cheat have radar hack?
  6. T

    Wallhack Preview CS:GO

    Walls: 2 Different wallhacks are included in this cheat. Offering full transparent walls, or full model drawing through walls. This is a classic style wallhack, just like from the original Counter-Strike.
  7. Miniglikes


    To see the enemy on the faceit with wallhack how near u need to be? Cuz i have a friend who recommended this cheat but he say u need to be almost with the enemy to see.