1. pikachu

    Lc 3.0

    Does Lc 3.0 natively supports multicore enabled or still needs to use the 2.0 fix? And raw input? Need to use the fix to set to 1 aswell?
  2. S


    Can the aimbot and RCS be used together, at the same time, without any conflict between the two. For instance, midway through a spray, the aimbot messing with your shot. Also, is the aimbot slower than legit aim at all? I'm considering buying the cheat, but I'm in doubt as to whether the aimbot...
  3. ernestlim05


    is there rcs on leaguecheats? i havent got it but i dont know if there is RCS
  4. N

    important questions? guess

    Hey. I have been out of this site for many months, now I got back and I have few questions 1) Did LC 3.0 get released? When I last used this site, it was LC 2.5 2) Do you still have to disable multicore rendering to make it work? 3) Can you use m_rawinput 1? Thanks Thankkss!
  5. Dadinho23

    FPS drop

    After I reinstall my Windows, I'm getting fps drop in CS:GO, I normally play with 160/200 fps, now Im playing with 100-60 and sometimes it goes to 30-40, what can it be?
  6. Aaron

    Idk how I done this lmao

    Not sure how I managed this but it was actually helpful in a 1v3 situation and I needed some headshots :^)