1. NiikisNiik

    LeagueCheats needs your demos!

    Hi all! Im one of the video editors here at LC and we are in need of some nice frags/plays for our next promo! So if you have one or more demos drop them here and have your frag featured in the promo. Please note all clips are name changed to "LeagueCheats.com 2.5" If you would like to remain...
  2. makz0rz

    preview of my project before it's done :)

    no this is not meant to show off and frags or skills in this vid, its just for editing purposes so before you complain "ugh i can't see the clips" "so bad cuz i cant see the clips" well I edit for editing not to show off some clips in like a fragshow P.S remeber this is not finished, some...