1. H


    Hey! I have a friend who uses this cheat and told me to check this out for faceit cheating. I've heard alot of "trash talking" aswell though on hackforums about FPS drops & alt-tabbing crashing so if there is anyway that I could get a trial period so I can test it out if hack actually works for...
  2. N

    Questions before buying >!! :D

    Hello. I m planning to buy non-league multicheat for cs go in 2 weeks or something like that. I am busy with school because I'm having the high school in another city than the one where I live so I play on my laptop and I play with 180 - 200 fps maximum. The questions are: -Is this hack making...
  3. anotherlegend

    Have some questions before buy in'

    Hello! I want to hear answers for that - 1) Will it work w/ out disabling multicore renendring (I doesn't need esp) 2) How huge fps drops I'll reach with disabled mc ren. (if it strongly recommend) P.S. I have i5 4690K + nvidia GTX950?