1. N

    A question for LC users

    Would you use this cheat on your main w/skins?
  2. Thomisk

    Need a bit of help with paypal.

    So recently I just confirmed my debit/credit card on my paypal account,so I can finally send money to paypal with my bank account. I have the money,to buy the cheat,exactly the amount of 25 dollars,but paypal has token my money (like 1 dollar),to send me the code,that I needed to wrote to the...
  3. Ziath

    Cheat Setup questions?

    I noticed there was an option to get you're cheat up by one of the staff members here. level 1 -$10 level 2 -$60 Level 3 - $90 What do each of these entail? Do they all come with config setups or just level 2 and 3? If I am having problems with the cheat will they help fix them if I buy this...
  4. C

    CSGO pre-purchase questions

    I am heavily into competitive matchmaking. With that being said I have a few questions I need answered before I decide what features are best for me. I am looking to play like I am very professional while still looking as legit as one possibly can using your hacks. I am a global elite and made...