1. T

    ESL & CEVO/Gfinity Update 3.18.2018

    Hello everyone, ESL and CEVO/Gfinity update is out! Quick links: Anti-Cheat Support List For more details how to play at those leagues, CSGO:League setup For more details about Leaguecheats 3.0, release date and much more. Please check out both links: LC 3.0 unofficial ETA How to sign up...
  2. S

    Tomorrow is 1 year since faceit client

    hey guys, Tomorrow it will be 1 year since the faceit client has been launched, and it will also be almost 1 year since we were promised that LC would support faceit. I have few friends that bought LC because they thought that the support was coming, and they now feel like they got scammed...
  3. darkangel3288

    Email question

    Hi guys, I have a question. I'll buy next days the cheat(i wait to expire in*uria subscription) but my account here has different email from PayPal account. Is this a problem for being a member?? Thanks!