1. Resolved

    Frag Competition Edit| Part 2 To be Continuted?

    Song choice: Matrix Futurebound ft. Luke Bingham - All I Know (Rolling Out Mix)
  2. darbak

    About ESL Wire

    I have a quick question about wire. Is UD all the time? Maybe I shoot on 1v1
  3. H

    bunny and smac

    Hello, i have question cause i'm looking for a league cheat and leaguecheats seems good. i see looked so many cheat providers and no one can answer my questions or lie on it. i know leaguecheats league versions support SMAC but what about the bunny cause SMAC can detect bunny script with...
  4. J

    Question About Gamersclub

    Hi guys, gamersclub have system screenshot, look like a eac. It's safe to use esp in Gamersclub? Cya
  5. B


    Actually i'll buy this cheat for langame is it good for langame? I think i'll play with smooth aim fov 2 with trigger 80ms or 100 maybe 50
  6. H


    hello,can i play faceit with whese hacks? without ac? is it safe?
  7. Br0nZy

    Few Questions

    Hye guys I'm currently using Unity for MM but i'd like to go on faceit a bit. I was wondering if: LC Non-League can also be used on faceit. And do you have to turn off Raw Input? When was the last Detection? Greetz
  8. uberek1995

    Faceit LC

    Hello . i'm thinking about LeagueCheat for 35 $ . I have few ask about it . It's safe in Faceit? If yes what is proof and what is not (settings) . What about coming soon Faceit AC? Staff has some ideas what next or they gonna support Faceit proof until AC comes out . Sorry for my english is not...
  9. Aqqure

    On My Way To OW

    Rank without hacks: Le Rank with skill.exe:Global elite i know my crosshair placement is the most cringy shit ever i know im hyperactive i have adderall prescription and LC what do you want me to do There is a reason im playing on my other acc that doesnt have any skins PJSalt Hint: Look...
  10. F

    Radarhack & rcs works on faceit?

    Radarhack & rcs works on faceit?
  11. L

    Faceit ban measures?

    hi. Aimbot, Triggerbot, ESP, Bhop which should be closed? Do not be banned??
  12. mystral

    Trigger work with faceit ?

    i just want to know if trigger work with faceit ?
  13. Br0nZy

    FaceIT features

    hello LC community I just had a quick question, could someone give me a list of the hack features that are not detected and usable on FaceIT? And how to inject etc.. Thanks in advance guys ♥