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    Is the standalone rcs fixed yet?

    So my question is if the rcs type5 (standalone rcs) is fixed yet? Last time when i subbed it was not working, it was pulling crosshair down to your own feets even with low power. Also other question, is all the features safe to use in cevo league ?
  2. B

    How does the aimer works? And some other questions

    Hey guys I will buy the Multi League hack and want know how directly work the aimer i only want aim help nothing else. And when i play esea or something where i dont wanna cheat. Is it visible on my PC? Can i use it from a usb stick? Ty for the help maybe some germans here to explain it in...
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    Leaguecheats is still the best

    I'll admit, I've been testing other hacks. The other hacks I've tested had many more features, a larger userbase and more versatility. But where LC shines is simplicity. LC may not have many features, but each feature is amazing. When it comes to legit cheating, quality over quantity. I've also...