1. Resolved


  2. Dawnyy

    1v4 Dust 2, Deagle

  3. Dowiie

    Pistol 4k unedited

    A nice pistol glutch, didnt have time to edit it do. No wallhack or trigger used.
  4. kanske

    Ez p2000 4k

  5. Adex

    Ak 1 taps xd

    So i got some 1 taps while playing Faceit with Leaguecheats. pls tell me what you guys think if it was bad , good , blatant etc etc. Thanks Cred to $nowii for helping me configure the settings. LC still the BEST :D Have a good day/ night or what...
  6. tomato

    Small Little Spraytransfer

    Not really worth an upload but enjoy lol Aimtime=350 nohop=1
  7. Sluqx

    UMP is to strong

  8. albanerendk

    Game Winning Eco Deagle 4k :D

    pretty sure they called me a FUSKAR FUSKAR
  9. Aqqure

    On My Way To OW

    Rank without hacks: Le Rank with skill.exe:Global elite i know my crosshair placement is the most cringy shit ever i know im hyperactive i have adderall prescription and LC what do you want me to do There is a reason im playing on my other acc that doesnt have any skins PJSalt Hint: Look...
  10. Aqqure

    They Talk About My One Taps

  11. Mrtweeday

    new settings, legit?

    first of all sorry for the delay, gotv ftw. what are u thinking about this settings? are they a bit too obv or is this good so. i have a 60-75 hs %. : )
  12. J

    Is the standalone rcs fixed yet?

    So my question is if the rcs type5 (standalone rcs) is fixed yet? Last time when i subbed it was not working, it was pulling crosshair down to your own feets even with low power. Also other question, is all the features safe to use in cevo league ?
  13. hybbitbabe

    1080 60p clutch

    no inhuman reaction , just normal fragging . good to see some feedback , thank you !
  14. B

    How does the aimer works? And some other questions

    Hey guys I will buy the Multi League hack and want know how directly work the aimer i only want aim help nothing else. And when i play esea or something where i dont wanna cheat. Is it visible on my PC? Can i use it from a usb stick? Ty for the help maybe some germans here to explain it in...
  15. P

    faceit 5k and bomb defuse

  16. B

    Leaguecheats is still the best

    I'll admit, I've been testing other hacks. The other hacks I've tested had many more features, a larger userbase and more versatility. But where LC shines is simplicity. LC may not have many features, but each feature is amazing. When it comes to legit cheating, quality over quantity. I've also...
  17. anotherlegend

    How 2 clutch 1v5 Faceit 9lvl

  18. Rosolovsky

    -5 inferno

  19. VladimirPutin

    Hey guys

    We all know that pros aint heking. Just wanted to show everyone how skilled some EU players are!!1 Lets go eu master race ps; pros aint heking