1. Resolved

    Is this sorta content any good?

    In these past weeks ive been trying to find my footing as a legit cheating ytber. I want to make content that is enjoyable but isnt too cliche and makes me unique as an indivual. If possible please leave me feedback here or on the video on what content I should do in future videos I will also...
  2. Virus1x

    The cold hard facts.

    We have had a large influx of tickets and requests stating that we are not truly transparent with our customers so this thread is designed to answer the questions and continue the transparency that League Cheats has with it's user base. We have nothing to hide and will never hide anything from...
  3. N

    Not able to contact Support

    Hey i cant send PM's cant contact the support etc. i bought 1 month sup.. get this error The following error occurred: Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you...