1. mins13


    colrzera good player KappaKappaKappaKappa:D:D:D 13 second - 0.25x
  2. Get_Right

    about ryzen

    hi guys i have ryzen 5 1600 and rx 580 8gb sometimes my csgo freeze or stuttering .. fps drop a lot and idk why... has anyone had this? SO: windows 10 build 1607 anniversary
  3. VAULT1909

    Q about faceit ban evasion

    So I got banned from faceit for cheating, thing is is that I'm pretty sure I was manually banned. Afaik the criteria for ban evasion on faceit having being caught by the AC is: New IP New cookies New steam account Fresh windows install. However, do these only apply if you were banned by the AC...
  4. creat1ve


    .GamersClub support only with beta acess? ty
  5. poliziach3ater

    I have bought the cheat but i dont know where to link my account.

    I have bought the $35/month league cheat with aimbot etc. however i'm not sure where i link my account. Can anyone help me. It'll be much appreciated
  6. Dowiie

    Best option for leagueply

    Hi whats the best option for league play? Like tournaments and shit, for csgo? Best regars Dowiie
  7. A

    League/Non league question

    if i was going to buy this cheat just to use in competitive matchmaking would i buy the league or non league cheat
  8. PCheater

    What Leagues Does This Support?

    Browsing the forums I could not definitively tell what leagues you support. If you tell me what ones you offically support and you know they work on would be helpful.
  9. R

    Faceit and ESEA work ?

    Hello i have buy a lot of cheat, and i havent found a cheat who work with faceit or ESEA your cheat work with this one ? thx
  10. thegame


    Hi again. Most of the question will be answered here as it will be a kind of a guide about LC. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First of all lets start with important Q&A. Q: How long has leaguecheats not been...
  11. H

    LC for League/Lan

    Hello, i want to buy LC but i have some questions. What leagues LC support : - FaceIT - ESEA - EAC LC can be used in lan with a stealh USB in mouse ? LC have a lifetime subscription ? Thanks for you'r help.
  12. Giraffe1337

    Fullscreen and multicore rendering?

    I already bought the cheat, just waiting for Jimster to do his thing :) But i remember last time i was there, you couldn't have the game in fullscreen and had to disable multicore rendering, just wondering is that still a thing? o.O
  13. tomato

    Just Bought LC

    Hey guys, I just got myself LC Multi-L for 1 Month to try it out. As I read it can take up to 24hrs(here's me impatiently hoping it goes faster LOL) to activate, I wanted to see if there is anything I should know before using or something. Just want to go into it with as much information as...
  14. anotherlegend

    Clutch 1v5 VS mousesports and pkd robsen

    Met denis and nex from mouz + robsen from planetkey on 9lvl faceit XDD
  15. cutiecat

    Some questions

    Yesterday I spent hours looking for a undetected league cheats, and this one seems the most legit. I just have a few questions before I do purchase it. How do you setup the aimbot/trigger for different weapons? Like pistol/rifle/snipers. I'm just kind of confused how you setup a config for...