1. S

    Banned from Faceit

    I got banned from Faceit for leaving too many matches it seems. I did fuckabout for what felt an age on a lesser cheat provider trying to get what they claimed worked to work. I've had to buy a fresh key to test this bad boy out. Thankfully I never got past lvl 3 playing legit and tbh... I...
  2. SyPh

    OMG Guys

    hey all, these is ages ago, i just checked out leaguecheats, and decided to get 1 month cheats, long time ago i was here, so give me a good welcome back, maybe some1 remember me old name (ESLDeviL ::)) cya in vip soon
  3. masongod


  4. B

    i want to buy

    Hello , i want to buy with skins , can someone from staff help me ?
  5. E

    hello guys, im a new guy.LC can work on 5E ?

    i want buy a 5E and VAC cheat. so LC can work on 5E/B5 these league?and MM....
  6. lht001090

    I can't set the key with v

    I want to set triggerkey use v but it's 56.. I have set it but not working! pls help.. but I see the bhopkey is v it set to 0x56,, I don't understand,,