1. W

    Does this have a magnet trigger?

    Does that have a magnet trigger like other P2cs?
  2. kronix2

    wh only

    hi do u think if i bought the wallhack only version and not use aimbot, it will help improve my real aim? let me know what u think thanks
  3. Kennedy

    I'am b4ck! Glock 4k [de_cache]

  4. K

    Is there any configs I could download before I buy

    Just wondering...
  5. P


    what's the diffrent of non-league and league more then the prize? sorry if this post exist but i could not find it :/
  6. 3n1gm4

    Apply to moviemaking team/promoter?

    Hi, I was wondering what's required to be a promoter/editor on the forum? I didn't really see anywhere I could apply (sorry if there was a way and I simply missed it). A recent edit I made (to show about what I can do atm): Unfortunately those frags are clean and not lc, but I guess I'm...
  7. VladimirPutin

    fun times once again shox is getting better at it, even better than brazilians
  8. B


    Been using this over the past few days and so far it's pretty good for what it does. Aimbot 6/10 I have had quite a few issues with the aimbot, I have yet to find any good settings for it so my score could easily be better if I was able to find some. It seems it has issues with it being...