1. R

    [Survey] How much FPS have you with multi core off ?

    Hi, I want to know how much fps have you with multi core off ? And tell us ur config (just processor,graphic card and ram) For me, i have 300 fps with mc on and 80-100 fps with mc off lol with a gtx 1060 and Intel core i5 4440 3.1GHz and 16 go ram. I really want to know what i need to change...
  2. abbetappe

    Screen turned brown, now when starting computer the screen is black.

    Title. Anyone know any fixes?
  3. alchenda

    Reliable websites for Titanfall2 cheats

    looking around and was wondering if anyone knows any reliable cheats for Titanfall 2? thanks
  4. wowow23

    EAC estimated time?

    around what month do you guys think EAC support will be released? (jan, feb, march, stuff, etc) atm im saving money up for whenever that is so i can resub >:DDD
  5. Vod

    G'day, Who's used on LAN?

    Going to an invite LAN soon. Anyone used LC within 2016 at lan? Was originally thinking about using cra0vision, but the aimbot flicks(locks) like a motherfucker with 1 fov and 1 speed. EDIT: G'day everyone, new member. Hope to be around if this is really all out to be as it says to be. :)
  6. B

    Some questions before purchase

    1) How is the injection process? Does it require you to close steam each reinjection, or is it permanantly in the background until you close it manually or restart computer 2) What exactly is monster trigger? is this like triggerbot psilent? 3) Do you have a triggeraim feature for awps 4) I hear...
  7. Serpius

    My Arm Was Twisted And Forced...

    ... to be on LeagueCheats. I totally blame Jimster480 for this. Actually, I'm not a gamer, but I do like to assist people in computer hardware related issues. I am quite good with computer builds, mostly on the Intel side of it. So, I'll probably hang around the PC Help forum section the...