1. st2inless

    -4k LONG SICK FACEIT 2017

    Throwback to old good days when i was playing faceit 12 hours a day, nobody could stop me, 3,2k elo... Every game had sick action going on, have a lot of sick moments, but this one i captured and putted on youtube, not to mention, im not really playing cs;go professionally anymore. Peace and...
  2. K

    Hey guys .

    I am looking for a good wh cheat , that is all . I have tried the a*mw*re cheat on 4 separate accounts on FACEIT and got banned!!!. Could I know please if this cheat works ? I don`t need the trigger and aimbot . I just want to know if it works and I can use it . Thank you .
  3. HyperAim

    MAGA Celebration Thread

    It's almost official. Trump leading electoral college and popular vote. Chances of Clinton winning are near 0%. Meme magic is real; praise our Lord and Savior, Donald Trump.
  4. jonasuouo

    League or non-league

    Around one year ago I reached LEM. I was extremely bored playing CS:GO. Since I was decent at the game I started hacking. Sounds very dumb but at that point I didn't care anymore. I downloaded Poodin Poppin's subtle aimbot and played with low fov. It's a hack that was public for years and was...