1. skyoi

    Question about MULTILEAGUE "pack"

    Hey i gonna ask if is the MULTILEAGUE Undetected with Faceit AC. Thank you for answer a wish you a nice day! I find the answer!Thank you u can lock the post.
  2. N

    some questions

    1. the cheat is internal or external? 2. its kernel injection mode?
  3. I

    Faceit's new client.

    Today i just got forced to download the client. So can i buy this cheat and play with the client?
  4. toker

    how do i come in contact with jimster?

    how do i come in contact with jimster? someone know when he is coming online or can tell im to come? i need help and i have waited so long already!! thank you
  5. N

    How can take setup email?

    i already pay it. Up to 72hrs , how long can I get the setup email?