1. pikachu - GC PRO League player banned live

    chorodaquit dukfps banned LIVE clip: He was blatantly cheating for sometime now in GamersClub, and they've got many evidences against him, so he got banned. Watch this clip where he was holding position while holding his aimkey. LMAO. He have lots of clips like that. Seems like someone...
  2. Guilford

    Mirage Gameplay (GePrime/MM)

    Testing Tox Fullbot with 800 DPI and 3.0 sens!
  3. rtgames1

    Is my deagle rage?

    Frags - My settings - deagle_aimbot=1 deagle_aimkey=2 deagle_fov=1.60 deagle_rcsfov=20 deagle_aimright=0.00 deagle_aimheight=0.00 deagle_smoothaim=2.00 deagle_supersmooth=2 deagle_multibone=0 deagle_bone=8 deagle_bone1=7 deagle_recoil=0.00 deagle_recoilx=0.88 deagle_crosshair=0...
  4. JECKY1

    Ace with deagle ggwp

    Hey guys ! I again apologize for my recording video on the smartphone: DDDD on this video I use 9s 6ss fov 1.35
  5. cLeAzyyy

    Another one ~ Deagle 4k HS

    ^^^^^ second clip.