1. xl3loodx

    Random LC meeting in MM

    Story behind the screenshot: I got invited by @Sui7, @Edwin and @Apihl to a MM lobby which was full after I joined. Since I promised a friend that I'm gonna play with him, I left the lobby and started searching for a game as 2. We ended up playing against exactly that LC lobby I joined...
  2. panzer

    5K - Trigger like ToX (or near), without dragonlone XD

    i really need to buy one that looks good whem i'm triggering
  3. panzer

    LC too stronq for MM :( ... i'm bored of winning

    too stronq PS: I DONT USE ESP
  4. KKUkUr2017

    FACEit ??

    Whats the highest level or league u achieved with LC hack on faceit ? Lets see :P
  5. K

    Cheaters finally sent to prison for 5 years

    Hey. Today i want to share interesting thread about sending cheaters and cheats developers from OW game made by Blizzard to prison for 5 years! Its Copy Pasted from Polish Forum which did that thread so sorry for mistakes if there are some polish words or something is bad translated. What do you...
  6. A

    LeagueCheats & fnatic

    I'll start with this screenshot of me and @ToX playing with fnatic in FaceIT, LeagueCheats was used the entire time and we topfragged them both. I will try to find the VOD of Schneider & JW's stream, they were both streaming.