1. L

    Cheating on lan

    Hi i wanted to know before I buy this cheat is it possible to cheat on lan and if it is what version of the cheat do I buy?
  2. mess

    Pro league version

    Hello, I would like to buy the pro league version but I do not see any price and when I click on buy now nothing happens.. Thank you
  3. Black Hat

    3.0 Release

    When does 3.0 publicly release?
  4. M

    Faceit Client side AC

    Do any of these cheats work for client sided AC, ive been seeing a lot of cheaters on faceit lately and it's even with premium and AC on. I'm willing to pay whatever!
  5. sewi13

    Pro league

    Hello, Im looking for a cheat where I can use the faceit client, if I understand this right the pro version supports this? Just want to make it clear before purchasement! Thx in advance for answers!
  6. Fellin001

    requirements for pro league cheat

    hello there I want to buy the league version of the cheat but would like to upgrade to the "pro" league cheat when it is out of beta access. what kind of requirements do I need to fulfill to be able to buy it. also does anyone know what the price would be?
  7. S

    Pro league cheat

    When I can buy the pro league version, who bypass faceit Client-Side ac ?
  8. S

    What are the requirements for PRO version?

    As the title says, What are the requirements for PRO version? I'm really interested in purchasing it,
  9. L

    IP Bans

    Hi. I have an account in Leaguecheats which I am VIP. But, my question is: I am at WORK, another internet (different IP from my house). If I use the forums on my work PC (another internet provider and IP), will I get IP banned to use the hack? Or its just for the CLIENT hack? Because on my...
  10. ernestlim05

    configs and stuff? confusing!!!!

    umm... so leaguecheats has a bunch of numbers and shit... anyway can someone tell me how to customize my config ???! confusing aF is there a tutorial or something for this to teach u about LC? also is there a skin changer? im too used to using inte*w*bz that i dont know how to use LC...
  11. K


    LeagueCheats aroused my interest and so I researched a little. Is the FaceIT Anti Client Secure for everyone active or private? If it is only for private beta: how do I get beta access?
  12. eddy815

    LC 3.0 and faceit with client anti cheat.

    hi, When we can acces to the beta 3.0. with faceit and client anti cheat, all hack options are available ??? Aimbot, esp ... well all options ??? Thx for reply
  13. V

    Requirements for beta access

    As the title says, what's the requirements for beta access? Thanks for reading. EDIT: Why does it say that I'm a newbie lmao
  14. eczmustafa42

    Faceit Playing

    I bought a new Can I play Faceit after being a VIP?
  15. M

    Faceit AC.

    If i buy Wh only can i still use it on Faceit AC? Thanks you
  16. D

    EAC and challangme?

    Hey, Guys Is the hack at least CHALLANGEME client safe? Or EAC? Best Regards den1l0
  17. T

    Open Beta is Live! EAC Esportal Gamersclub Challengeme 99damage

  18. 19960410

    Hello there, newcomer looking for a helping hand!

    Hello, I've just purchased the 35$ multi league cheat, and I was wondering if any kind soul out there would be able to kind me through the process of helping me to set this up along with perhaps answer a few questions? Oh and what does "New subscribers: Remember to link your account to receive...
  19. J

    LAN Cheat

    I wanted to use this Cheat on a LAN. Ive seen that it got Silent Load etc. But is there also something like a Panic Key? Which I can press and the Hack closes (Or even gets uninstalled). Just in case that I get too obvious and someone checks.
  20. Fazehaze1

    Questions Before i buy

    What's it mean By This: Remember to link your account to receive VIP access. Also Do I put a space where it asks for user and password or do I put a dash? Also Sorry For asking noob questions I'm new to LC