1. xans

    [BR] Mega Tópico de ajuda aos Brasileiros

    É com grande orgulho que apresento a vocês o maior tópico de pré compra em português do fórum! Aqui irei tratar das dúvidas que todos usuários tem a respeito do cheat, e principalmente ajudar antes de fechar a compra! Cansado de procurar tópicos para entender sobre nossos produtos? Aqui você vai...
  2. KushGod

    Insane usp-s ACE

    Let me know what you think, and pls like the video :D
  3. Mr666

    1 Month with LC | Aimbot Review [Long & detailed]

    Holy shit, time flies when you are wrecking scrubs. 1 month has already passed and it's time for a review :D I guess I can start with my background; I have been playing FPS-games for about 15 years, played at top competitive level in other titles (ofcourse not as big as CS :D), won tournaments...
  4. Yhopa

    48 hours testimonial

    Aimbot 10/10 Strong and legit, there are a lot of options to customize it as you wish. Sometimes you are afraid of an unlegit move but once you check the demo, you realize that was legit af. Triggerbot 10/10 Works as it should. Visuals / ESP 9/10 It works very well, you can get a lot of...
  5. clanclasherxx

    Hi :)

    Fist of all im not good in english, forgive me :D. I just want to share my experience using Leaguecheats and what i can say about the features and settings. Best hack in the scene Best aimbot in entire universe ( YOU CAN USE IT IN FACEIT w/out any doubts, OMFG!!) Super LEGIT in DEMOS Recoil...
  6. kanske

    My thoughts after 1 month

    Aimbot: 10/10 There isn't much to say really, so strong legit looking aimbot, it's like you are a Terminator on steroids when you have set everything up correctly to fit your playstyle. Wh/Esp: 10/10 Haven't used it much but i really like the esp small box with a espkey to just toggle when...