1. A

    Vac consequence

    Hey I was just wondering if I got an account vac ban even if it's like 3 years ago does it mean I can't make it to pro anymore? And also is it only for csgo vac ban or let's say I get vac ban in another game I can't go pro to cs too even if I haven't been banned on csgo? Just wondering XD Ty no...
  2. Dawnyy

    Bruh Nick bunyun

    Yooooooooo, havent watched Nick in like 2 years almost, and he jsut randomly popped into my mind and just realized how much weight he has gain. Man
  3. Guilford

    GoodBye guys!

    Will not talk much, just want to say thx to LC for 2 beautiful years. Sadly, I go to other project because can't get there 3.0 of many requests. Im rly focusing on FaceIT AC bypass, because of FPL league after 10 lvl. Already starting playing in LANS and etc. So wanna say thx, hack was really...
  4. thegame


    How long have you been playing CS in general ? What rank do you give yourself without cheats ? Why did you decide to cheat ? Will you stop cheating ? For me I started playing more than 10 years back not that much though and left the game and came back 3 years ago and found out about cheats...
  5. VAULT1909


    I know that people on this forum tend to talk smack about other cheat providers, but has anyone here ever heard of / played with ProGamingCheats / pgc? They're a pretty unknown P2C as far as I'm aware and it's owned by this german coder called l0wd. They claim to have ESEA support, can't...
  6. KKUkUr2017

    Airmake : Why u keep this [email protected] here?

    And as title says : Why you keep a [email protected] like him on your forum ? 1) Known scammer 2) English DONT EXIST in his brain i AM OFFICIAl report this idiot for being worthless on forum . He keep pressing dumb on my posts when he cannot EVEN understand what i am saying hahaha Example...
  7. S

    LC Undetection Streak?

    Hey guys, I've been a past user of a different private cheat. However, it was detected a few months back which got my main banned with over $1000 worth of skins in the inventory. Now that the fume has cooled down a bit, I would like to re-enter the game with a different cheat provider. I was...
  8. S

    Do the members that have a sub still go to school?

    I'm just curious as to who uses LC in terms of age so the best way I could of think of it is by asking if the subs still go to school or not.
  9. K

    Expiring visible VAC bans from steam profile

    Cra0 noticed there is a bug or special intention from steam. If you had vac ban on record which were longer than 3000 days ago its not visible anymore on your steam profile. What do you think about that? I can agree thats true because my friend had vac ban on cod for over 3k days and now it expired.
  10. elwin1000

    Just wanted to say... :/

    Hello, after 3 years of playing in Counter Strike, I will end of my story (because this game suck :D). Just wanted to say that LC have the greatest community, softwares etc. I've ever seen <3 @Jimster480 @ToX @Rottix @owardag really thank you for everything! I'll follow you and I'll come back if...
  11. Jimster480

    Happy New year's!

    Happy New Year's to everyone wishing everybody a great 2017! Sent from my HTC 10 on Sprint
  12. dasguyhere

    Detection Rates

    When was your last detection and how long was your run prior to that?