1. 1337xLeague

    How to play CSGO without Tilting

    Playing with @KRM8
  2. nomad120

    dropping fps

    Hello guys, idk whats happened, but my fps is like dropping from 250 to under 100, whats the problem can be? pc specs: i5 4670k gtx 770 4gb windows 10
  3. kronix2

    Confused, Help is appreciated

    Hi, I am confused. I just bought 1 month of the Multi league cheat for $35. Some guy was saying I can only use it on esea when I have had it for 2 months. And could I use this cheat at lan? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. F

    whats the difference?

    whats the diff between league and non-league? can i play faceit using non-league?