1. Vader_FanBoy


    LOOL the funniest thing just happened to me, One of the times I Injected the cheat I forgot to turn off my anti-virus, and it then blocked the injection. And because my dad pays for the anti-virus he got a mail that it had detected this file. I couldn't just tell him that I was cheating in CS...
  2. N

    Can LC trigger Untrusted ban?

    This question has been answered to me over support ticket by Virus. I apologize to make this thread, but here's something I am very curious about. Virus said the hack does not cause any Untrusted ban or VAC as of now. However he mentioned that If I get Overwatched it will trigger a VAC Ban. I...
  3. A

    I can't download the cheat.

    Everytime I get linked to the cheat, It says I do not have permission help?