1. Kin


    League Cheats is absolutely safe from bans. We are now stronger than ever. League Cheats is also working on Panorama update! Hooray! Rest in Peace to 27,427 accounts lost today by irresponsible copy paste coders. Sadly, this gives awareness to how dangerous the marketing world is. Scammers...
  2. K

    God bless LC

    God bless LC and Valve. New update after 1 year you will get your OW banned account unbanned.
  3. Kin

    Future of Frag Movies? This site got featured in 3kliksphilip’s video. I can say I am impressed. It’s still almost beta though. This could help us promote LC easier.
  4. enaldie

    R.I.P. :(

    I wanted to be pro player,but I have +- 15 banned account and most of them are registered on my real name and adress.... Is anything I can do with this or I am done forever?? PS : Can you tell me ALL tournaments that are sponsored by Valve,please? Thank you.
  5. Blake1337

    New steam account help

    So since i saw this tweet: I wondered how valve knew that the old vac banned account was his. If anyone knows, please let me know. So my question is: How to get a steam account that makes it impossible for anyone to know which accounts...
  6. Kin

    Any news on Source 2?

    I am not that good on finding credible leaks and leads, but someone in the forums might know how to. (legit leads not just from google search haha) Any news on the source 2 engine for csgo? When is the release date. If non, at least any progress on dust 2 remake?
  7. poet1180

    CS:GO China presentation [AI-AC]

    Matchmaking:64tick Official Social Community Server:128tick Server will give Different ISPs player support Unique Anti-Cheating Account system:Bind with Alipay credit system. Linked to other platform like B5 and 5E. Banned account can not log in any platform (Alipay is the biggest virtual...
  8. zYamamoto

    Nice map

  9. $nowii

    injected on an other account

    so i injected that cheat called zeus it got cracked on hf its like a skeet paste i injected it on a banned account it is a dll that u inject with a dll injector is there a risk the acc i did not inject this cheat on gets banned?
  10. K

    Iwebz/aw/unity/in*uria UT wave

    many people owned by valve confirmed untrusted wave confirmed inte*w*bz detected confirmed Untrusted bans hehe GG Valve :D
  11. T

    MM lol

  12. C

    Sound ESP

    Hey guys, my subscription to another provider is about to run out and I've heard great things about LC. I live in a house with some buddies so I can't use chams/walls. Are there any upcoming plans for a sound ESP?
  13. J

    Last vac detections?

    Former user forgot my other account, i bought it and got vacced not long after about a very long time ago. I was wondering were there anymore since then? How many and when. Thanks