1. vhenujjne

    They like?

    First, sorry for my English, not the best I know. I know it's not a screenshot, but I didnt know where to upload it I made this design -> here in HD: https://imgur.com/cCwvkUj And I wanted to know if they liked it, I did a couple more but it does not raise it, just the same way if they want to...
  2. Aaron

    Easy $200(NOT A VID INSIDE)

    Found this shit as an advertised post on Facebook, thought it'd be an easy opportunity for someone here to make a small profit with a clip. http://www.dingit.tv/upload-video Gotta upload to Dropbox and shit, should be fairly simple with LC and some decent settings ;)
  3. NiikisNiik

    Last chance!

    Hey all! Im about to start the editing for the next promo video! If you have demos you want in it! Please send them to me via PM!
  4. smL

    GG WP

  5. Thing

    lc 2.0

    10 credits for the one who finds the midden message