1. LeiseBrödler

    LEAGUECHEATS Hack Review [Long-Time-Customer][500+ days subscriber][Tried many cheats!]

    The Informations given here might not be 100% correct, if you find something wrong, please tell me so I can correct myself. Also this Review reflects my own opinion. If you do not agree, please don´t start a conversation about it here and write down a review by yourself. Grammar might and...
  2. Br0nZy

    Few Questions

    Hye guys I'm currently using Unity for MM but i'd like to go on faceit a bit. I was wondering if: LC Non-League can also be used on faceit. And do you have to turn off Raw Input? When was the last Detection? Greetz
  3. T

    Unityhacks rated as worst cheat provider by steam users! [NEW]

  4. T

    Buy LC

    Hello, I'm using Unity atm and I'm planning to buy a sub for LC but before buying I would like to ask some question : - how legit work, is it the same as Unity (more legit or less legit) - how the menu looks like (easy or not easy to config) - is it worth to buy advanced config - how long the...
  5. Potatoes

    Becoming a new member

    I am planning to buy this hack after my due on Unity expires. On Multi-hack for CS:GO, can I use LC for FaceIT and there will be config for it automatically or the Menu hack or no?
  6. Sui7

    unityhacks best hack Kappa

    saw this vid on youtube and thought it whas really funny as the guy is cheating and only gets 1 kill there is more parts of the game where he does just as bad
  7. S

    Possible Trial?

    Hi, i am really want to buy this cheat. I have no problem to pay 35 USD per month. The only thing i am worry about is i can't use the cheat after i purchase and waste my money. Hopefully i can have an hour trial to let me make sure i can run the cheat without crash. Because i just bought Unity...