1. Kyle62

    Counter Strike Is Weird

  2. mins13


    colrzera good player KappaKappaKappaKappa:D:D:D 13 second - 0.25x
  3. pikachu

    Invictus Aquilas player banned playing CEVO against Dignitas

    Hey guys. I was browsing facebook and read about some dude gettin banned playing CEVO. What's your opinion? Ciocardau is an player from Invictus Aquilas and got manually banned by CEVO admin while playing against Dignitas. - reddit post...
  4. chimichangas

    Brax aka Swag is coming back???

    Brax got unbanned from ESL, your thoughts?
  5. xl3loodx

    Black Squad Beta

    Hey guys, today is the official beta release of Black Squad, a free to play FPS like BlackShot, S.K.I.L.L, Crossfire, Alliance of Valiant Arms bla bla bla. You can still get keys from their stream and other sites like MMORPG or their twitter |...
  6. rtgames1

    Brazilian PRO player CHEATING?

    In the last week this player has become a subject in the main sites of CSGO in Brazil, in the last championships his aim has been giving several bugs to draw their conclusions. He plays in one of the best professional teams of Gamersclub in Brazil. What is your opinion? Vídeos -...
  7. R

    Twitch TV

    Eu posso usar o twitch tv para filmar minhas partidas ao vivo que na transmissão não aparecerá que eu uso hack? Can I use the twitch tv to shoot my live matches that in the broadcast will not appear that I use hack?
  8. L

    Help me understand Why would you go that blatant on that big of a stage? It's funny AF though :D Another one;
  9. U

    LC can streaming?

  10. anotherlegend

    CIS MINOR 5k USP #reupload

  11. E

    twitch / faceit/esl/cevo

    Hey there! I'm looking for a new hack to play with. Reason for this is i am looking for something thats strong/legit but usable on twitch. I want to be able to use the hacks on faceit/esl and cevo. Cevo is not priority. But strong aim/trigger in a legit way is key! I wanna be able to...