1. Misiekcs

    Buy cheat by SMS

    ToX can you talk about buying cheat by SMS? ToX mozna by sie dogadac co do kupna cheat przez SMS?
  2. owardag

    Goodbye Guys, Owardag Out.

    Hey guys, this is your staff member Owardag here to give you a goodbye, My time here at League Cheats has been a splendid one and I have learned much. I have made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun here. I have been with League Cheats for like 5-6 months and I have to tell you that League...
  3. iskA

    Jimster thanks for LeagueCheats

    I will tell briefly about LeagueCheats I used cheat much. And all had some shortcomings. I long looked for chit for Lang and have written to this mar1k and he has advised me LeagueCheats. I long thought upon purchase given Cheats, and have decided. I play since March 22 and it is the best aimbot...