1. kronix2


    hello I have an account that got untrusted ban. I used my debit card on the account to purchase some skins for csgo and add wallet funds etc. If I use my debit card on my new account, will I get auto ban? Just like with same email/phone numbers Or not? Thanks guys
  2. H

    First MM Today

    I have play my first MM today love LC and Insane cfg !!
  3. panzer

    Panzer and Mitobr kickin asses on MM

    Yeah, fist time we play we kicked some asses..... @mitobr was using bot panzer nickname, cause he loves me :) ps: we are playing light ok, next time we promisse 100 points for each one and 50 kills
  4. Secrets

    CSGO question about bans

    Hello, so few of my friends have been banned today but they are not using LC FailFish. Is it confirmed VACwave or is it just OW ban parade ? Can somebody confirm ?
  5. P


    Hello, anyone would want to play today in the tournament Gfinity which will be held at 3pm today, information needs for 1pm hours, i need 1 player.