1. Xuniku

    wad peopl;e think abt us
  2. Resolved

    Is the background music too loud? Is the video any good?

    Me legit cheating w/knife
  3. A

    Hello Staff

    im new here but i want to buy cheat, can i use this cheat in faceit anticheatclient, can u help some one:) ThankYou
  4. Aaron


  5. Jimster480

    LC2.5 CSGO Showcase

    This just finished today by Thing: See all the new features of the new League Cheats 2.5 release, with FaceIT, VAC, SMAC and other league support. GamePlay demo available very soon By ToX including clips from LC2.5 during beta stages!
  6. forthefiat

    Frag Movie Maker

    Hey guys, I've been using LC for almost 6 months now, and I recently have been using the cheat on Faceit with NO problems. I've been tweeking my settings, finding what fits me. I currently have some demos that I want to be used to create a frag movie, there are many 3k/4k/aces, clutches and all...