1. Oliver

    Got banned faceit for ban evade

    Can someone help me ? i can't afford another pc need help :/
  2. S

    CS 1.6 Cheat Still Available?

    Hi, I know there's no HL1 support right now but I can still use the cheat right? I just need walls and I assume there's instructions when I download. If not, could someone point me the way to the thread that does? I've been looking but I'm just too confused. I didn't look that hard but I hate...
  3. Get_Right

    hilago boost

    hi guys i have a low end pc ... notebook with i7 but doesnt have graphic card ... u guys know if i can get banned using hialgo boost? (csgo)
  4. abbetappe

    It’s been 10 months since u said faceit cheat will be out

    are u serious? I come back from cheating break and u still haven’t released it? Not even beta? Like what the actual fuck.. and ToX said he would quit if it wasnt out before August, what is taking so much time?
  5. albanerendk

    Santa is here with more clips! Today's theme: SWAG 7

    Hey guys! Today is the day, Santa comes back with more goodies for you dear LC fellas. And let me tell you guys...Let's be honest. There's been whine. There's been rage. Tears, blood and laughter! Laughter mostly coming from me, you guess the rest! muahahah :D :p anyway here it is I have...
  6. MoMeak

    LC is not update???

    csgo update today, LC is not update?? i found the aimbot has some problem
  7. U

    rust cheats ?

    cant find any anyone knows something about cheating in rust ?