1. jonasuouo

    Getting back to LC

    Is the community still strong in here? Just purchased. Gonna go back to csgo :)
  2. mcjhonnyhacker

    i buy cheats are they broken or good

    hi my friend buy many cheats for you for many year but says it keep breaking and not login recently he say auth server error. is league cheat good? should i buy still? help? does it get vac? my mom bought me my account. i dont want ban or i will be very very upset --- Double-post Merged (Please...
  3. pikachu

    M4A4 vs M4A1-S?

    Hey guys! I was wondering which gun you like the most. :) Personally, I enjoy more playing with the M4A4, but, sometimes I switch to M4A1. I just can't deal with the only 21 bullets mag. :P What's your choice?
  4. tomato

    Bone8 Madness

  5. Kin

    LC too strong to lose

    We were leading 8-7 at halftime. 2 got triggered and toggled. They took the lead 11-14 (they won 7 straight), but LC too strong to lose. I tried to win though, but this just shows how powerful LC is. Won against 2 hackers while carrying the team as legit as possible. It's funny how they rage so...
  6. M


    was wondering if leaguecheats has a rage hvh cheat available? i have been a very long tine user of league cheats and havn't used it now since i was in a bad accident and im starting to play cs go again. i want a rage hack that is better than inte*w*bz.