1. NotCheating

    3 Months Review

    My experience with LC: Hey, I started using LC when I was MG2. In the first month was hard to adapt to this helpful tool, but then I found some guys who gave me a sick config. In just 2 months I went from MG2 to GE. Of course, I got a lot of hate, and people started calling me a cheater and...
  2. FD^GoD

    LOLYOU cheating?

    For me is 100% aimlock in deagle
  3. U

    Can LC used upon 5ewin platform?~~TY

    Hello everyone, I come from china, and lots of people play upon 5eplatform in china. So I wonder to know LC can be used upon 5e? I have tried some cheats, however, lots of cheat can not be started upon 5eplatform, as the CSGO.EXE started upon 5Eplatform is not started from STEAM. They have a...
  4. SunnyGuy

    Programming Languages

    For about 2 years or so I have been looking for a good path to follow to get into programming; however,I can't really find a good path, program, or tutorial to fit my needs. People have told me that having a good understanding of languages like C,C#, or C++ would really benefit me. Currently I...
  5. J


    Have yall thought about some H1Z1 cheats? If so, have yall started trying to bypass battleye? I know alot of cheat providers are really out right now cause of the battleye. Been looking for a provider but just for ESP. And i heard yall might think about it for 2016. Any news if you started yet?