1. bitz0r

    Parents on Netflix = PING on CSGO

    I have a 15 megabyte connection and whenever they start watching something (1080p on a smart TV) my ping starts to vary between 90 and 200. That sucks. Can anyone suggest a solution other than turning off Wi-Fi or increasing the speed of my internet? My shitty provider does not offer higher...
  2. C

    LC pistols - clean headshots

    hello guys, so i have to say that i never use trigger, even if its may looks like trigger its not. so here is some shadowplay actions from faceit, mm and retake servers. enjoy watching
  3. O

    Smoother videos

    I see a lot of people interested in fragvideos and such, I don't do CS fragvideos, but I took a cinematogrphy/filming course and have worked/work with Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, Kdlive, After Effects, ffmpeg, Audacity, Adobe Audition and WMM(recently learning Cinema4D on my own). I...
  4. Sliddqvist

    Quick M4A1-S Cobblestone Ace

    There we go. Youtube fucked up the quality as they always do with my Shadowplay videos. Dang.