1. S

    HDD Question

    So I went to my local Micro Center and picked up a WD 1 TB Black Edition HDD and when I went to format it I could only have about 931 GBs on it even with nothing installed. For anyone here who has also installed their own HDD does it not allow them to have exactly one TB?
  2. Fazehaze1

    Questions Before i buy

    What's it mean By This: Remember to link your account to receive VIP access. Also Do I put a space where it asks for user and password or do I put a dash? Also Sorry For asking noob questions I'm new to LC
  3. B

    Linking my account

    LeagueCheats LeagueCheatsError linking account. just purchased 1 month sub proof of purchase Receipt number: 1WN7941110997702M We'll send confirmation to: [email protected] Merchant details League Cheats LLC