1. Resolved


  2. L

    logitech 403 wireless problems

    anyone using logitech mouse that I have and having similar problems? Thinking about getting a wired zowie mouse or something since it fucking flips 180 degrees up in the air more often these last days.
  3. spy0x

    When U are playing on lan and actually Have some Balls!

    Bone 8; Super smooth 5; Smooth 2; Fov 2.5; Guys, do U want to do something like that ? :D As for me, that was near semi-rage shit :D I talked with NBK week ago and he said me - "Ofc we don't make any good sets for that shit like AUG, it is...
  4. K

    Windows Defender

    Does the cheat automatically get removed by Windows Defender in Windows 10? What about Windows SmartScreen? If so, for LAN purposes, is there a way to prevent this via a script or some sort of automation?
  5. LC1337

    French guys on youtube

    Sometimes i'm proud to be French, sometimes i'm not. :(
  6. K

    PreSale for a newbie.

    Hi guys! I hope i found the cheat what i looking for. What i need is a simple wallhack. Nothing more, i just want to see thoose guys through the wall on faceit and kickback. I read that the configuration of this hack is complicated, or need more time to do it well. The question is, if i only...