1. Kyle62

    I'm coming back

    After a long time of not cheating(about 7 months) I have decided to come back. I'm still trying to decide weather I should cheat on my main or buy a smurf. My main has steam level 111 and m9 doppler. Leave your thought below. P.S. I was GN4 when I stoped 7 months ago now I'm LE.
  2. V

    Main and Smurf

    What's the best way to not get VAC on both your main and smurf in case of a ban wave? I know for a fact that family sharing needs to be off, but what more could you do? I want to use LC on my smurf, and I would love for it that my main isn't affected in any way. Any thoughts?
  3. shahzam66

    I want to buy this cheat for does it gonna be ud there?
  4. N

    [ESEA Smurf}

    Lol so I constantly get accused of hacking, which... i dont psh... So I thought it would be a good idea to put [ESEA Smurf] in my name so that people just think I'm smurfing. Then when I was on comp Dust, I had a ping of 600 and heard the bomb get close to exploding and I ran. I was at T...