1. Yz1337

    About bhops latest vid

    Anyone else saw that retards latest vid? At 2:20 he starts throwing shit at a cheat he clearly only used for 5 mins and he clearly didn't care about trying to make a cfg either, he's just like the average kid cheater that just wants to cheat in mm lol, what do you guys think about this?
  2. A


    OKAY BOYS. Aimbot 8/10 its ok i guess ESP: its ok =)) trigger 5/10
  3. Adex

    LC is best

    So i have had the leaguecheats for a few days and in the short of time ive had it i just have to say its amazing AIMBOT 10/10 it so humanlike in the draw and with the weapon cfg it makes it even more awesome. ESP: 1010 just love it =D Triggerbot: 10/10 simply the best one. Leaguecheats is...