1. Fedda

    Do not play ESL at this moment at all right now...

    I don't know, but it seems like esl is not supported anymore... I used triggerbot and thats it. I had virtualkeypress=, ltype 3, hide settings, save settings to file, silent load, persistent and no walls. ESL has probably been updated and Jimster has maybe not noticed or something? Im kinda sad...
  2. S

    Problem loading hack

    When i load my hack and start csgo, the game just start without hack. i play with 1280x1024 this is my settings. ; [Auth details] ; username= password= ; ; ; [ESP settings] wall=0 wall2=0 dlight=0 decay=0 autointensity=0 intensity=14 radius=100 dteam=1 crosshair=0 esp=2 box=1 boxsize=71...
  3. LCp0wer

    Insane FlickShot & Ace

    Hello! I hope everyone will like it) Sorry for the bad quality! My first video. Liked the video?=) Click "like":)